[Update] TeddyMania v0.0.2a

TeddyMania – Update v0.0.2a (19.09.2017)


You can now play the game in English! Big gameplay changes: NEW WEAPON, new mystery box system, Capture the Flag revamped and sweet settings menu.

New Features



There are now 3 type of boxes:

-         Bomb box: Can hold any type of bomb depending on the map.

-         Weapon box: Can hold any type of weapon depending on the map.

-         Explosive box: Careful if you break this it will explode.



A new weapon has arrived. Increase the power of your punch, you can upgrade them 3 times.

Special Attack: a powerful swipe that pushes enemies further away.

Capture the Flag

The game mode now is now called ´Capture the Ice cream´, fight for the delicious ice cream.

Ice cream (Weapon)

Special Attack: throw the ice cream, pass it to a friend or leave it to fight back.

Ice cream (Pickable)

If it’s your team´s ice cream break it to stop the enemy from capturing it.

If it’s the opponent’s ice cream touch it to grab it back.

Quality of Life

Audio Settings

You now have the ability to tweak the Master Volume, Music Volume and Sound Volume.

Interface Settings

Change the language: English and Spanish supported.

Toggle various UI elements, such as:

-         Framerate

-         Controls Tip image

-         Game mode Tip image

Bug fixes

-         Pause: Ability to pause the game after it is over.

-         In-game feed: overlap messages


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Sep 19, 2017

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