[Update] TeddyMania v0.0.5

TeddyMania – Update v0.0.5 (02.01.2018)

It’s been decided that in order to move forward with the development of the game there will now be two versions: free demo and early access.

Free Demo: Is the one we will continue to distribute through Itch. Pretty much will have all the content you got so far, except we removed TeddyBall. We will continue to update this version as game progresses, but will give priority to the early access.

Early Access: It will be available soon. We want to have a closer relationship with those who want to be more involved in the development of TeddyMania. This version will be updated constantly (every ~15 days) with every map, every game mode, every weapon, every feature available as we develop it.

New Features


Join Game menu – The requirement of choosing a hat use to feel a bit strange. We decided to take it out and make the process of a lot faster. Now you only have to join by pressing (start) and (A) to confirm. There is no need for player1 to anything to start the game, when at least 2 players are ready the loading screen will appear.


We began the integration with the ReWired framework, which will allow support for most of controller and gamepads.


NEW BOMB: Bouncy Bomb – Just like the name says this bomb bounces a lot!

Object weights – Bombs are boxes have different mass, which affect your speed and jump power. This also affects how far you can punch objects.

Player weights – The teddy bears are slightly lighter when unconscious to match the regular weight.


Spear – The spear is now a lollipop

Map intro cinematic – I added a cool cinematic before the game starts. This gives a little pause to digest how the map looks.

Tournament winner cinematic – There is now a cool cinematic after the tournament ends to show the winner.

New animations – Celebration dance animation for when the player(s) wins.


Improved Settings menu – New setting options for video quality, screen resolution, full screen. When pressing back the close button gets selected.

Tips and tricks – Now on the loading screen will show some useful tips instead of showing the map objective.

Bug fixes

- Minor physics bugs fixes.

- Fixed spear bomb special attack. Now you can’t get free until the spear explodes or goes off screen.

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