[Update] TeddyMania v0.0.4a

TeddyMania – Update v0.0.4a (22.11.2017)

TOURNAMENTS!!! You can now play a series of 4 battle royale matches and find out who is the best.

New Features


Tournaments - This new game mode will allow you to play with at least 2 more friends in 4 rounds of battle royale. After every match each player gets points based on their placement, similar to racing games. Whoever gets the most points at the end, wins.

New Map: Castle - is the new 3rdth Battle Royale map. An improved version of the old map, where it was too easy to fall.

Note: Gramophone - the 5th Battle Royale map is still unavailable, but almost ready.

TeddyMania - devlog3


Box graphics - Normal, honey and ice bombs take less time to explode.

Grabbing items - Now when you grab an item or spawn a box the weight of the item will be added to your weight, affecting your movement and jumping ability.

Explosive box – The explosive box is now bigger, heavier and more powerful.


Box labels - Boxes now have a graphic indicating their type.

Quality of Life

Join the game menu - The join menu is now simplified; no need to choose a hat. You only need to press ‘Start’ to join and ‘A’ to confirm. When all players are ready, the game will start loading automatically.

Bug fixes

-           Soccer: selecting the replay button won’t take you to bowl level.


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Version 1 Nov 22, 2017

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