[Update] TeddyMania v0.0.3a

TeddyMania – Update v0.0.3a (03.11.2017)


NEW MAP! Improved map select menu and in-game camera. Bombs are getting prettier.

New Features


Map Selection

Maps are now divided by type: Battle Royale, Capture the Ice cream and TeddyBall.

New Map: Pilars

Pilars is the 4th Battle Royale map. A different take on the maps, this one has more verticality.

New Map: Gramophone (soon)

Gramophone is the 5th Battle Royale map. Currently unavailable, will be available before v0.0.4x.

Camera Improvements

Camera zoom and tracking has been improved. Minor change to camera shake duration.


When a team scores, all teddy bears’ health is now reset.


Bomb cooking time

Normal, honey and ice bombs take less time to explode.

Bomb Throw

Now when you hold a bomb your angular speed is reduced for better aim.


Ice cube Bomb

The ice bomb has a new look, it is now bomb inside an ice cube. We think it makes sense, sorta.

Honey Bomb

The sticky bomb also has a new look. Gum was good, but honey is sweeter. The Molotov honey jar is here to stay, try not to spill it.

Overhead Messages

When you knock someone down, a new “K.O.” message will display.

Quality of Life

Hold for Pause

Pause button needs to be held for 0.65 seconds in order to pause, this way pressing it accidentally won’t cause pauses.

Bug fixes

-           Map Select: Score to win option used to reset when selecting it.

-           Soccer: When scoring stunned enemies didn’t reset back to their position.


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Nov 03, 2017

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